Innovative Skin Solutions Rx

Grand Island Dermtology is pleased to announce their clinically advanced skin care line! It was formulated specifically for our patients. Innovative Skin Solutions Rx will provide our patients with the best skin care available.


Anti-Redness Foamy Cleanser $32 Removes surface dirt and oil while simultaneously helping to calm redness. Contains Evodiox, a powerful redness-reducing agent containing a standardized mixture of Rutaecarpine and related alkaloids to remove excess lipids without over drying. 100% soap free

Clarifying Cleanser $22A medicated cleanser that penetrates into pores to decrease oil production and fight acne bacteria.Provides mild exfoliation of dead skin cells. This cleanser also contains botanical extracts to moisturize and leave skin smooth and soft.Formulated for patients with oily and/or acne-prone skin.

Nourishing Gel Cleanser $22 This cleanser contains papaya enzymes for deep cleansing and Salicylic acid for mild exfoliation of dead skin cells that can cause clogged pores and dull complexion. Provides anti oxidant, anti bacterial and moisturizing effects.


Refresh & Restore Green Tea Pads $58 Anti-oxidant green tea toner with a stability-assured topical solution of pharmaceutically purified Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), the most biologically active constituent of green tea. Single use pads incorporating the solution remove excess lipids, debris and soap residue following skin cleansing, while simultaneously leaving behind a film of active polyphenol, EGCG.

Rosacalm Skin Serum $58 Formulated for even the most sensitive, rosacea-prone skin. A clinically-proven, unique marine complex with willow herb and oat beta-glucan to help reduce the appearance of redness while promoting long lasting hydration. Will calm reactive skin with continued daily use.

CEGA Vitamin Complex $94 A gel based product that contains hight potency antioxidants combined with hydroxyacids, providing both short term cutaneous micro exfoliation and long term skin benefits. The antioxidant mixture contains Vitamin C ester, Vitamin E and Ferulic acid ester.


Intensive Recovery Complex $73 This moisturizercontains barrier repair lipids to help improve the skin's cutaneous barrier function. A combination of niacinamide and vitamin B3 helps with daily recovery, oil balance, control redness, and improve pigment. Paraben free, fragrance free, and propylene glycol free. For any skin type, especially acne-prone skin with spots of dryness.

Hydra Gel $73 A nourishing formula that contains a high percentage of hyaluronic acid that naturally softens the skin while helping it attract and retain moisture. Vitamin B5 fortifies giving a silky texture. Willowherb extract naturally calms and revitalizes. Ideal for all skin types needing extra moisture.

L Hydra Lotion $20 This moisturizer is formulated with 12% Lactic acid to provide immediate moisture and gentle exfoliation to treat symproms asociated dwith severely dry skin conditions. Good for scaly dry patches associated with keratosis pilaris. Can be used on elbows, knees, feet and hands.

Dermal Repair $124 This ultra rich moisturizer helps prevent moisture loss and improves skin smoothness to restore your skin's natural beauty. Dermal repair contains Vitamin C & Etogive your skin antioxidant protection from free radical damage and also Hyaluronic Acid to keep your skin hydrated. Perfect for normal to dry skin types.


Decollete Pads $30 A silicone pad worn overnight to prevent chest muscles from forming creases when sleeping on your side, as well as smoothing existing wrinkles while awake.

Retexture Cream $154 Hydroxypinacalone Retinoate, a gentle ester of tretinoin, allows for nightly application without the drying and irritation that is commonly seen from retinoid use. Trichloroacetic acid is a powerful hydroxy acid that supplies all of the benefits without the side effects of typical hydroxy acids of equal efficacy. Vitamins C & E and ferulic acid provide a robust trio of anti-oxidants. Niacinamide and Oligopeptide-68 add a modest level of anti-inflammation and melanin inhibition to this amazing cream.

Retinol Night Repair $88 Regulation of epidermal differentiation, uniform dispersion of melanin granules and increased collagen synthesis. Contains moisturizing petrolatum in an anhydrous, silicone gel that contains a micro-sponge delivery system which reduces cutaneous irritation characteristic of retinoids.

Bruise Cream $50 This product contains Arnica Oil and Emuoils that are designed to improve bruised and damaged skin.Can be used before and after all cosmetic surgical procedures.


Brightening Cream $80 A customized blend of hydroquinone-free skin brighteners, vitamin A, and natural anti-oxidants indicated for supplementing the actions of skin lightening medications.

Brightening Pads $85 Hydroquinone-free skin brighteners alongside salicylic acid and vitamin C best suited for the treatment of larger areas or oily and/or acne-prone skin types.

**These hydroquinone-free products offer benefits clinically similar to those of hydroquinone.**

Neck Renewal $94 This product is gentle enough for the neck and decollete area. It contains an ester form of retinol for less irritation, malic acid for gentle exfoliation, Vitamin C, E & Ferulic and skin firming peptides.

Decollete & Bust Contour Crème $55 The latest botanical discovery, Kigelia Africana Fruit Extract, has a high content of amino acids with the ability to restore smoothness and tone. Locust bean gum enhances the visible improvement of skin firmness, while magnesium ascorbyl phosphate revitalizes and brightens.

EyeBrighten Cream $60 Gentle vitamin C ester combined with peptides encourage skin-firming collagen production. Natural botanicals help to reduce the appearance of under-eye puffiness. Barrier repair technology treats moisture loss that causes dry and crepe skin.

Lip Enhancing Treatment $20 An innovative formulation featuring powerful patented peptide complex. This product will enhance the appearance of lip contours while adding up to 40% more moisture-volume and reducing fine lines with repeat usage. An ideal complement to professional dermal fillers.

Lumiere Eye Cream $90 Bio-restorative eye cream with PSP, a complete protein blend of Human Growth Factors, Cytokines, and Interleukins, combined with hyaluronic acid and caffeine help soothe and refresh the eye area to help minimize the signs of fatigue. Ophthalmologist tested, fragrance and color additive-free.

Mineral Resurfacing Treatment $45 An effective alternative or supplement to professional microdermabrasion treatments. Combining the power of natural sapphire crystals with semi-precious gemstones and extracts to effectively buff away dead skin cells revealing clean, fresh, radiant skin.

Retexture Pads $78 Improve texture and enhance the reflective quality of the skin overnight with these weekly treatment pads. 1/3 the strength of our retexture peel.

Zinc Gel Mask $30 Copper, zinc, and vitamin K combined with skin soothing aloe vera quickly reduces redness and other signs of irritation while bringing sensitive skin into a healthy balance. May be used on highly reactive, rosacea, or acne-prone skin types.

OC8 Mattifying Gel $42 This 8 hour formula featuring Acrysorb, microparticles trap facial oils and reduce shine and redness for 8 hours. You will get beautiful, worry free results that last all day.


Spf 45-Light & Medium Tint $30 Formulated as an all in one sunscreen and foundation, this tinted protector moisturizes and provides sheer coverage.This broad spectrum sunscreen givesprotection against UVA & UVB rays linked to sunburn and aging.

Lip Tect SPF 45 $9 Lip balm that will help prevent sunburn. Contains Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide to protect your lips from harmful UVA & UVB rays.

Sun Protective Clothing Sun protective clothing is an actual physical barrier between the sun and skin and blocks not only UVB, but also UVA rays, both of which are responsible for damaging the skin (wrinkles, brown spots and sagging). Our clothing line offers clothes for men, women and kids and includes a variety of clothes and hats.

Tizo 3SPF 40 $40 is a tinted facial mineral sunscreen that offers superior sun protection in a silky, cosmetically elegant lotion, with a non-greasy matte finish. It contains the #1 and #2 rated sunscreen filters that helps prevent pre-mature skin aging, sun-induced wrinkles and loss of firmness. TiZO3 layers invisibly under makeup and refines the look of the skin.

Blue Lizard Sunscreens Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreens originated in Australia, where standards for sunscreen are the highest in the world. Using only the highest quality ingredients, Blue Lizard delivers proven, broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection in a SPF 30 formulation.Blue lizard sunscreens come in apatented BPA-free Smart Bottle that changes colors in the presence of harmful UV rays, reminding you to cover up.WecarryBlueLizardSport, Sensitive, Face (oil free) and Baby forumulations.

Other Products Available

Colorescience PRO Makeup Colorescience PRO is the premier luxury aesthetic makeup line. What differentiatesColorescience productsis they have been formulated with substantiated and distinctive active ingredients.Colorescience products fuse all the beauty and fun of makeup with the benefits and efficacy of skincare. The fashion forward colores give you immediate beauty benefits while premium ingredients work synergistically to create the best skin solutions. With Colorescience Pro, looking good is now good for your skin.

Hair Regrowth System $98 This is a3 step system that consists of aspecially formulated shampoo and a conditionerthat work together to prepare the scalp for the rapid growth serum. The Shampoocreates a clean and healthy environment for hair regrowth andrestoration that will add fullness to thin lifeless hair by expanding the shaft. Theconditioner will help to reinforce follicle roots to prevent breakage and build fullness then folllowed by the Rapid Growth Serum to prevent hair loss, slow thinning and stimulate new hair growth. Provides fuller, thicker and healthier looking hair.

Clean Sweep Clean Sweep is a clear, flexible antimicrobial micro-coating that works inside the shoe. This products eliminates 99.9% of Odor-Causing Bacteria and Fungus On Contact.Spray inside your shoes at night then allow to dry overnight. Use Clean Sweep daily for a safe, all natural, way to kill bacteria and neutralize causes of shoe odor.

Formula 3 Anti Fungal Solution This solution uses tolnaftate for the treatment of fungal infections. This product also contains natural jojoba oil which is quickly absorbed by the skin and deliverstolnafate directly to the infected area. Because it’s critical that any infection be properly and correctly diagnosed by a physician, Formula 3 Antifungal is onlyavailable through your doctor’s office.Ask your doctor at your next visit if formula 3 is the right product for you.

Formula 3 Fungal Foam Relieves Athlete’s Foot and Ringworm withone single medication with four products in one. Only FungiFoam Antifungal successfully treats Athlete’s Foot and Ringworm. Contains anantifungal for penetrating healing, anti-pruriticto calming itching, moisturizers to soften skin and exfoliation to slough off cracking skin.

BioCorneum+is an advanced silicone treatment with SPF 30 for minimizing the appearance of scars while UV protection ingredients help guard them from any aggravating effects of the sun such as increased redness and hyperpigmentation. This silicone gel may be used on scars resulting from cosmetic and surgical procedures, trauma, wounds, and burns and is effective on old or new scars.

Cutemol is a heavy yet remarkably elegant emollient formulated to relieve: severe dryness associated with hand eczema, atopic eczema and psoriasis, cracked fingertips and heels, and dry, brittle nails.

DermaNail works for brittle, splitting or peeling nails. Unique, patented technology unlike any other nail product on the market. DermaNail was developed by a leading dermatology research team. It is a patent protected formula that has helped many patients improve the cosmetic appearance of their nails. Takes 8 to 16 weeks to yield results.

Bromi Lotion Bromi-Lotion is unique among antiperspirants in that it is formulated as a soothing lotion, rather than as a spray or roll-on. Bromi-Lotion is an effective aid in the management of excessive perspiration and odor, also known as bromidrosis and hyperhidrosis. It incorporates the drying power of twenty percent Aluminum Hydroxychloride in an alcohol free, non-irritating comforting lotion base.

Prescription Products

Latisse is an FDA-approved treatment to grow eyelashes for people with inadequate or not enough lashes. Available by prescription only.

Tretinoin The active ingredient in Obagi Tretinoin Cream is usually used to treat acne, but it is also formulated to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Tretinoin is a retinoid, which is a form of vitamin A that helps skin shed old, dead cells and encourages new cell turnover. The Tretinoin Cream is available in concentrations of 0.025% and 0.1%, but you must have a prescription from yourphysician in order to use this cream.

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